Senor Blues
Charlie Parker pray for me.
Pray for me and everybody.
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  • The soundtrack from Polanski’s film Knife In The Water is really great. This wonderful reissue is from Finders Keepers and I truely recomend buying a copy. The music is made by Bernt Rosengren, swedish tenor saxophonist with Komeda Trio. 

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    Stop Look Glisten - detail from 1959 Pacific Mills ad.

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  • Marc Moulin’s group Placebo changed my view on fusion jazz. Since I bought the Counterpoint records compilation I have been on a constant lookout after Placebo records and reissues. 
    I found this obscure reissue of an early Marc Moulin record, released under the name of Kiosk. The tracks on this records are amazing. Mona Call could be one of the coolest tunes ever recorded. The B-side Waterproof is also a really fantastic tune, equally as good as the A-side. 

  • Record Store Day Special

    David Bowie - Bowie 1965!

    Record Store Day is a great initiative for the stores to get more customers. There is a lot of great reissues each year and this year a David Bowie Ep was released with four of his songs from 1965. Bowies 60s material is sadly overlooked, perhaps because it lacks of originality. But that doesn’t make it less good. I actually think Bowies music from the 60s is his best and if i would compare it to similar artists/bands from the same decade this is quality music. I hope this record makes more people interested in the early Bowie and also in other artists early works. Norton Records recently released a EP with Lou Reeds music from the early 60s which is really worth checking out. 

    / Carl

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    Esquire’s 1956 Travel Guide 

    The back is stamped with:
    Bank and Trust Company
    Foreign & Travel Department
    May 14, 1956

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