1. Joakims playlist.

    This is Joakims really good playlist from last time at Hide And Go Seek. 

    Dorothy Berry - I’m with you all the way
    Ikettes - What’cha gonna do
    Byron Lee,Danny Davis - Ska Dee Wah
    Exotics - Ooh-la-lah
    Hayward Lee - Oogaloo
    Davy Jones - Sookie Sookie
    Claude Francois - Serre-moi, griffe-moi
    Armando Trovaioli - Sesso matto
    Aesop’s Fables - The truth
    Tom Jones - The lonely one
    Dee Dee Warwick - You’re no good
    Roy Agee - Real real love
    Nolan Porter - If I could only be sure
    Jean Wells - With my love and what you’ve got
    Allen Wayne - Chills & fever
    Association - Along comes Mary
    Joe Tex - Don’t play
    Lou Lawton - Knick knack patty wack
    Bobby Bland - Honey child
    Hank Jacobs - Heide
    Little Willie John - All around the world
    ? and the Mysterians - Can’t get enough of you baby
    Music Machine - People in me
    Betty Wright - Slip and do it
    Juggy Murray - Built for speed (pt 1)

  2. When i went to USA I bought two copies of this record because I knew that this record would be played a lot at Hide And Go Seek. I like the B-side the most called (If) You Got Trouble and I think it is one of my favorite Nick Waterhouse songs. It seems also to be the favorite song among the guests at Hide And Go Seek because this makes many people dance. 
    I saw that there was two more releases that I don’t have. One is issued together with Allah-Las and one is Raina from the album. Need to get my hands on them as well.

  3. Around 2011 I started my carrier as a DJ and I was searching for really good modern music that was not shit. In the end of 2011i was beginning to hear about Nick Waterhouse so i decided to buy one of his records for Hide And Go Seek. 
    Of course this was exactly the kind of music i was looking for. It was r&b, a bit modern, different could be perhaps the best word to describe it but also really good. So I started playing both the A and B side at the club. I wanted to find the pervious single release, Some Place but it was out of stock and also really expensive. 
    I’m very happy that we have a artist like Nick Waterhouse because that brings a hope to a hardcore r&b fan like myself that there might be a future for this kind of music. And I really need to get a new copy of this record because it’s worn out already. 

    / Carl 

  4. Yesterday it was Georgie Fames 70th birthday. Congratulations, your music will always be the best! 

    / Carl

  5. This record is really something for all who likes soul and mod jazz. It is not the best Three Sounds record but it has some killer versions of different pop and jazz numbers. Fever is the tune that stands out and is perfect in a club setting. Pitch it down and you will have a really good popcorn instrumental. 
    I don’t know how many album covers from blue note that futures the model Peggy Moffitt. This is one of them and we have Lou Donaldsons Alligator Boogaloo and Mr. Shing a ling. 

  7. rogerwilkerson:

    Cocktail Guide

  8. Gene Chandler - There Was A Time

    Gene Chandler was at the height of his career in the late 60s. During this period at Brunswick you can say that almost everything he made was expectational and a perfect example of this is There Was A Time. He turned this James Brown song into his and delivered it better than the original. This song has been popular on the northern soul scene for a long time and seems to get more and more popular every year. The other side Those Where The Good Old Days is not bad either so this is a great doublesider. There is a reissue out but I think it’s not hard to get it in original.

    / Carl

  9. Barbara Acklin - Love Makes a Women

    Barbara Acklin started out as a secretary for Carl Davis who was the record producer at Brunswick in the 60s. In 1966 she came up with the composition for Jackie Wilson’s song Whispers and was for this rewarded a record contract with Brunswick. Love Makes A Women became Barbara Acklins biggest solo hit. It reached number 5 in the r&b charts and number 15 in the pop charts in 1968. 

    Love Makes A Woman is a peculiar and unique soul song. it is also frequently played in many music scenes such as the popcorn, northern soul or mod which makes this a must have in all DJs record collection. 

    If you like this and is not familiar to Barbara Acklin you should check her albums out and also the single Am I The Same Girl?. If you can’t find the originals Jazzman Records have reissued both Love Makes A Woman and Am I The Same Girl? on one 7”.

    / Carl