1. Swedish music from the 60s

    Boogaloo Baby - Jerry Williams - 1969 Sonet

    The swedish rock’n roll artist Jerry Williams made a whole record with soul covers in 1968 and in 1969 he released his quite happy soul song Keep On. The B-side is a cover of the famous J.J. Jackson song Boogaloo Baby. This is a great version and would speak to both mods and soulies. But is it as good as the original version or is it better? 

    The band backing Jerry Williams on this record is Lars Samuelson’s Dynamite Brass. In 1969 they released a self titled album with a lot of great latin, jazz dance and soul tunes.

  2. Swedish Music from the 60s

    Motortown Beat/ AIn’t that progress - Bread - 1967 Philips

    This record is really interesting. Bread made this two songs in the manner of Tamla Motown with a driving beat and some horns. it’s not pure soul but if you think of the northern soul classic Daylight Savin’ Time by Keith you will get the picture. 
    There is actually a video with Bread on youtube which is a instruction video for right traffic featuring the song Motortown Beat.
    You can watch it here!

  3. Swedish music from the 60s. 

    Hör Min Samba - Lill Lindfors - Polydor 1967

    The swedish version of Jorge Ben’s classic Mas Que Nada. This killer Bossa Nova song was issued on The Karminsky Experience compilation Espresso! Espresso! in the 00s. 
    Lill Lindfors is one of many swedish singers from the 60s and 70s who fell for the bossa sound and have made many swedish versions of brazilian classics. If you are into The Gimmicks or Novi Singers this is really something you should check out. 

  4. Swedish music from the 60s

    The Nilsmen - Le Winston/ The Sand Step - 1967 RJR

    Hammond organ instrumentals. Le Winston sounds very much like Comin’ Home Baby and The Sand Step is a funk track with a sensual voice repeating the title of the song. This record was released in 1967 as a commercial for the cigarette company Winston but was also released the same year with a different cover for Camel. Le Winston is a wonderful record for the club and is often played at Hide And Go Seek by our DJs. 

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